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Art is in the eye of the beholder and the passion thereof time and limitless. The same can be said about Brad Twaddle’s immeasurable energy and passion for Dancing and the Arts.

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A Dark Wood

The current plagues and poxes upon all our houses around the globe have indeed brought us to a dark wood—and to our knees. As a virus continues to circulate around us —environmental disasters (the results of climate change) seem to continue unabated.

New film: STEWART UDALL and the Politics of Beauty

New film: STEWART UDALL and the Politics of Beauty is finally in the home stretch; to raise finishing funds, we’ve launched a campaign on Kickstarter. It’s a beautiful campaign, and I know you’ll love it. The page itself is beautiful – we’re very proud - and I can’t wait for you to check it out. There’s also a short new video trailer I think you’ll like.   We hope to complete the film in mid-September and it will premiere in Santa Fe in October.

Public Art in Local Libraries

While visual literacy is often associated with digital technology, other forms of visual literacy need to be taken into consideration: aesthetics as well as the cultural, ethical and contextual facets of what we are viewing. Public art plays a very important role in our local libraries.

Losing My Buttons

It hangs vertically, next to the altar where I meditate. It is an old, cloth, “hippie” belt worn proudly fifty years ago, woven of yellow and green cotton fabric, with tassels at both ends, and measures about five feet long.

Dominican-born artist Rose Deler Reframes her Outlook

In New York City's Jumel Terrace Historic District, Dominican-born artist Rose Deler reframes her outlook. Deler says that it’s that feeling of connection and looking out for one another that provides the neighborhood with peace of mind.