Summer Reading: The Big Rich Beach Book

We work hard so we can take a vacation during the summer months. We might spend a week or two lolling about the beaches or hitting the trails through scenic parks and around mountains, straying far upstream from cars, crowds, and cell phones. Some of us stay home because we really can’t afford to go anywhere. Our free time rapidly fritters away like sifting sand in an hourglass. And yet, we are expected to read a book or two. 


Robin Lindley interviews Blaine Harden Author of Murder at the Mission

The Whitman lie is a timeless reminder that in America a good story has an insidious way of trumping a true one, especially if that story confirms our virtue, congratulates our pluck, and enshrines our status as God’s chosen people. - Blaine Harden, Murder at the Mission


Someday I’ll Die (Not an Epiphany)

NYC-based Dave Bresler, a  multi-talented serial entrepreneur and owner of a popular networking group, writes about how he will keep sailing on through with a smile on his face.

Discussion Guide Published to Accompany Yonkers Trilogy

Yonkers Beats: A Discussion Guide has been released is to address the controversial issues in Patricia Vaccarino’s Yonkers Trilogy. The guide is intended for use by teachers, book clubs—or anyone who wants—to examine controversial topics that engender difficult conversations. 


This month we take a look at true beauty from a myriad of unusual perspectives: Catholic Outreach Group Sacred Encounters Serves the Homeless in Downtown Seattle, Barbara McMichael writes about the beauty of quilting, Robin Lindley interviews documentary filmmaker John de Graaf, a man who has long been an advocate of environmental beauty, and Patricia Vaccarino reviews Willa Cather's "The Song of the Lark," which might be the most beautiful book of all time.


What Do You Go By?

Many of us have walked along the street and have had to step around a prone body. We have no way of knowing if the person is alive or dead. Some of us look away. Others cannot look away. We care and want to help, but we don’t know what to do. The volunteers who participate in the outreach group called Sacred Encounters know what to do. Sacred Encounters serves those who are experiencing homelessness. Their mission ascribes to an act of faith: everyone deserves to be loved, even the most unlovable among us. 

Stories Behind the Stitches

Across the country over these summer months, as folks push through the turnstiles to enter that quintessential American entertainment known as the state fair, one of the things they can count on seeing, along with the 4-H rabbits, the prize-winning dahlias, and the gargantuan pumpkins, is a kaleidoscopic display of local quilts. 

Count Me In

In spite of military standoffs, a deep sea disaster, pesky security breaches, and other operational risk failures, this month we celebrate ASA's 14th anniversary as we publish the 153rd issue of ASA News & Notes.