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Green Computing

Green Computing is a term used to describe the use of environmentally sustainable computers and accessories which, during their usage and disposal, create minimal or zero harm to the environment. Also known as Green IT, this technology aims to both increase energy efficiency and to reduce the use of hazardous chemicals in hardware design.  A further result means that when these items are then disposed of or recycled, they will do no harm to...

Corporate Sustainability and General Mills Project

From Charleston, SC

Corporate Sustainability and General Mills Project

By: Katie Webb, Corporate Accounts Manager of AM Conservation Group and Charlene Moody, Senior Account Executive of AM Conservation Group

We as a global economy have come to the realization that to keep from becoming obsolete, corporate sustainability is vital! And now more than...

Solar Powered Backpack Raises Over $500K on Kickstarter

Lifepack, “the briefcase for millennials,” which features a solar powered USB charger, Bluetooth speakers, integrated lock and an organized storage system, has officially raised over $522,000 with two days left on their Kickstarter campaign. The high-tech backpack, aims to reinvent the mobile office for consumers and travelers all around the world.


Keeping packing material out of the waste stream

Marilyn Lauderdale had been working at an IKEA store in Renton, Washington, for 15 years when she transferred to their in-house furniture assembly team.

In her new position, she quickly noticed that cardboard and plastic packing materials were recycled, but other packaging – including copious amounts of expanded polystyrene foam – was not.

An innocent question about whether it could be recycled led her, she says, “down...