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God Bless America: A Different Kind of Love Story

I wrote God Bless America in 1980, when America was in a mess much like today’s mess, and not long after the Ray of Hope generated by the American hockey team’s improbable run to the Olympic gold medal. I had been trying for years to write something that put into perspective my experiences in the war, the war itself, and the condition of our country. I was especially interested in trying to put into words for a non-veteran reader a description of the Something that happens in war, a Something that can, unless one is careful, transform the heart into a stone; a Something which, even if one is careful, you must deal with and take control of if you are ever to fully return home.I hoped that in the process of so doing I would find the language that would help me understand what had happened to me. In multiple attempts over multiple years I had failed miserably to write what I was trying to write. Then one day, after seeing a commercial for Contac cold capsules, which were small capsules full of little tiny time pills, I got the idea for the opening line and for the piece’s metaphor; and then the piece flowed out.  - Joe Puggelli

Building Back Better: Department of Veterans Affairs

Today the Department of Veterans Affairs is the United States’ second biggest federal department in terms of discretionary spending. It oversees America’s largest health care system, and also offers a broad array of other services: education benefits, vocational training, home loans, social services, adaptive sports, cemetery burials, and much more.

PR for People® THE CONNECTOR – MAY 2021

In the May Connector, we features articles and essays about Veterans... just in time for Memorial Day...Know a Veteran? Give him or her a hug!

Boys and Oil

The leadership might bicker and fume at North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-un, but it’s a smokescreen. By warring with North Korea, there is no takeaway as grand a prize as winning a mother lode of black gold—Oil. The real prize is Iran. The oil surplus in the Middle East remains the highest in regional crude oil, and that increased further in 2016. And it might be noteworthy that the world oil demand grew by 1.7%, which was less than 2015 when oil prices fell dramatically and the increased demand was only 2.2%. The United States, though, continues to be the world’s largest consumer of oil. And this is no small fact.  Based on current data, there is an indication that China is on the ascent in oil consumption, but for the time being, this nation is years away from achieving the U.S consumption rate.

Faces of Combat / Pine Winds Connections

By Tom Blaschko

Our Faces of Combat program is a big part of Pine Winds Connections these days. In it we help those who are serving and who have served in the United States military.

Many Americans have trouble imagining the devastation caused by PTSD in the men and women returning from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. But it is all too real for those who served and for their families. In Erik Newhouse’s...