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PR for People The Connector Magazine June 2022

Red and Blue: We’re all Getting Screwed by Big Business. There is a great need for antitrust laws to return to protecting us from the increasing concentration of private power that has proven to be destructive. A business can prevail and sustain profitability without gouging the American people to seize monopoly profits. Monopolies must be stopped from exerting a chokehold on the American people. Going forward, maybe this is the one thing we can all agree on and work together to stop the carnage.

Book Review: The Curse of Bigness

The Curse of Bigness, by Columbia University Law Professor Tim Wu, examines the monopolization movement through the lens of antitrust law, primarily the Sherman Antitrust Act from its inception in 1890 to today. This slim book tackles an enormous and complex problem in succinct narrative that is fluid and technically precise. Short on jargon and big on describing constitutional history in simple terms, you don’t have to be an antitrust lawyer to understand how corporate monopolies are dictating the course of economic policy in America.