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Queen Anne Helpline Offers Hope

Social service organization narrows the gulf between Seattle’s affluent and the new working poor

Madina Vadache: Pure Drama

Madina Vadache is all about blending art and fashion to create garments of great dramatic proportioning, structural beauty and provocative allure.   An exquisite attention to detail is the signature of every Madina Vadache piece, whether it is a custom designed wedding gown, a simple blouse or a hand painted silk T-shirt.  Vadache says she finds inspiration in all things beautiful but she does more than blend art and fashion, she is an...

Monir Zandghoreishi has Got “The Look”

In the fashion industry, Seattle is a well known incubator for startup apparel companies and up-and-coming designers. Now Monir Zanghoreishi, Program Chair for Fashion and Fashion Merchandising at the International Academy of Design and Technology (IADT-Seattle), is the power behind the new Seattle-based fashion reality show called The Look that takes ten promising designers and puts them through the rigors of four creative design...

Ken Woolcott: What Basketball means to me and this town

Ken Woolcott, who grew up in Tacoma, remembers as a kid that his family couldn’t afford Sonics tickets, so he listened to the game on the radio. He still remembers the day he accidentally discovered the stunning view from Kerry Park on a college era jog through Seattle.  Ken has always loved all things basketball, and his passion for the sport and the success of his business enabled him to...