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On the Towne

Last Spring, we covered a story about the Queen Anne Helpline, a Seattle-based non-profit organization serving people-in-need in the neighborhoods that are experiencing unprecedented job growth from the growing influx of Millennial technology workers. The demands for housing exceed the supply and the prices of apartments and residential homes in many Seattle neighborhoods continue to be hyper inflated.  According to a recent article in the Seattle Times, Real Estate Developers are expected to add 11,000 more units in 2016 and even more in 2017.  The operative spin is with so many more units coming onto the market, then eventually the demand for housing will be met and the prices will become more affordable for working and middle class renters. However, in the interim, the Seattle boom continues unabated and unfazed by the displacement of the elderly, families and individuals, who are being shoved out and thrust into a crisis situation.

Tim Harris: Really Changing the World

On any given day in the central business and shopping districts in cities across America, often older men and women are hawking local newspapers on the street, eking out a living selling them to passers-by, one at a time.

                  These vendors are selling what are known as “street newspapers.” They are part and parcel of a movement begun nearly 30 years ago, empowering homeless people by raising their visibility, while...

Seattle pianist Talman Welle Sunday, March 13, 2016 – 7pm

On Sunday, March 13, 2016 – 7pm, Seattle pianist Talman Welle is pleased to return to Stage 7 pianos and present another unique, massive, fiery and innovative program.    Pairing a contemporary interpretation of Carnaval, op. 9 by Robert Schumann with the premiere of unknown and lost works by 20th century British composer Cyril Scott, this should be an exciting and unforgettable afternoon of music. -...

Author shares love for animals with young readers

Peg Kehret might be our generation’s version of Dr. Doolittle. The best-selling children’s author, who lives in the shadow of Mt. Rainier, shares her home with a dog who is deaf and two cats, one of which is blind. She uses hand signals to communicate with her dog Lucy, and she’s careful to leave a clear path for Mr. Stray to navigate sightlessly but safely between bed, food, and litter box. Her other cat, Dillon, sits on a certain...

Entrepreneurial Risk

If you’re an entrepreneur and focused on growing your company, one would presume that you’ve done an operational risk assessment.

     Such an assessment takes into account more than just expenses or revenue. It includes the set of business assumptions you have made, from your expected market placement among your competitors, to whether your expenses will exceed your revenue for some period of...