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Art. Freedom. Love.

Artist Milan Heger is in love with freedom as much as he is in love with art.

“Biosocialism”: A New Social Contract for a Species in Peril

We can no longer indulge the one-sided, polarizing and divisive ideologies of the 20th century. The stakes are too high. Here is a very different alternative. 

The Biosocial Contract (Part 1): An Ideology for the Fair Society

It’s not what you think.  In the age of texting and tweets, our whole society seems to suffer from an attention deficit disorder.  So, let me begin with a disclaimer.  A Biosocial Contract (or Biosocialism for short) has nothing to do with socialism in any one of its many different forms.  If anything, its philosophical roots could be traced back to Plato’s Republic and The Laws (I’ll explain later on).  In fact, the theoretical foundation and basic assumptions of Biosocialism are rooted in evolutionary biology and the emerging science of human nature – quite unlike the other “isms” that are out there in our politics.