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Red and Blue: We’re All Getting Screwed By Big Business

Whether you are conservative, liberal, moderate or some variation in between, we’re all at the mercy of monopoly powers. We’re being given the runaround by big companies: cell phone providers, cable companies, health care providers, insurance companies, technology companies, transportation companies, food companies, media outlets, social media companies, banks…the list is endless.

Book Review: Cornered by Barry C. Lynn

Who can argue with the facts: monopoly companies are constantly finding new ways to charge you for more while giving you less. In his book Cornered, journalist Barry C. Lynn shows how monopoly powers are doing much more than giving you a run for your money. These behemoth powers are actually destroying the free and open market place, which is at very heart of our democracy.

Book Review: The Curse of Bigness

The Curse of Bigness, by Columbia University Law Professor Tim Wu, examines the monopolization movement through the lens of antitrust law, primarily the Sherman Antitrust Act from its inception in 1890 to today. This slim book tackles an enormous and complex problem in succinct narrative that is fluid and technically precise. Short on jargon and big on describing constitutional history in simple terms, you don’t have to be an antitrust lawyer to understand how corporate monopolies are dictating the course of economic policy in America.