September 2021 - Manifest Reality

We are manifesting reality by spreading good news. This month we focus on education, the power of mystery and why we believe the things we do.

This September is fraught with peril. People are dying. With the spread of the Delta variant, deaths are climbing above 1,500 a day. It’s astonishing to read accounts of people who refuse to get vaccinated or wear masks to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Even when people are confronted with hard, cold facts, (people dying around them) they are unable or unwilling to accept reality. They are risking their own lives as well as the lives of all of those who they encounter. 

On other fronts, extreme weather has cast no doubt that the earth’s climate is changing. Hurricanes, flooding, drought and raging wildfires dominated our lives this past summer. Every part of the country has suffered from some form of extreme weather. And yet there are those, some are even self-styled experts, who challenge the notion of climate change, and define it as an outlandish theory concocted by liberals.

People can see things with their own eyes and not change their flawed thinking. Call if for what it is: flawed thinking is often stupidity. Is stupidity caused by a lack of education? Is stupidity the result of where we live and the company we keep? Is stupidity the result of psychological hard-wiring? Or do some pretend to be stupid and say stupid things to stay in power because our followers are stupid? Posing these questions and more made me write an essay, A Perfect Mystery, about the concept of mystery and why we believe the things we do.

Barbara Lloyd McMichael’s column Building Back Better explores the history the U.S. Department of Education and the changes being made under President Biden. She also writes about Diné College that was established by the Navajo Nation in 1968 and is the very first tribally controlled and accredited collegiate institution in the country.

Education is critical to the way we think, and it’s more than formal education. Having a lifelong quest to learn and to be curious about the world around us is as essential as the air we breathe. exploring master-level workshops can remove the guesswork in having to learn solely on your own. Check out Moving Words, a 5-week course, that brings together an intimate group of writers for guidance and support.   Happy September!!     –Patricia Vaccarino




Patricia Vaccarino

Patricia Vaccarino is an accomplished writer who has written award-winning film scripts, press materials, articles, essays, speeches, web content, marketing collateral, and nine books.

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