May 2023 Magazine

Welcome to ThrivalWorld! by Patricia Vaccarino
Just imagine a better world. Imagine creating a model for a better world that could indeed become a reality. Imagination has no limits.
In South Bend, Indiana, men who once had been convicted of felonies are transforming into agents for positive change.
The royals are fun, engaging and great fodder for gossip, but spare me. Didn't we fight a war to get rid of them?
Enough is Enough! by Dr. Peter Corning
The right to life takes precedence over the right to bear arms. The Second Amendment to our Constitution should be repealed/replaced. Here is a proposal.
The Federalist Society (FS) is the most successful activist group to shape, if not make, federal court decisions. How has that come about? Where did they come from? And what do they want? 
Robin Lindley interviews UW History Professor Vicente Rafael on his new book The Sovereign Trickster: Death and Laughter in the Age of Duterte (Duke University Press).
“If you read, you can learn to think for yourself.” Those words came from esteemed novelist Doris Lessing some years ago, when speaking of the value of public libraries and their role in creating an informed citizenry. 
Are the hushed arguments regarding plagiarism in Passionate Pilgrim indicating that the most beloved poet, Shakespeare, stole his work from others? 
O Pioneers! Set in the still uncultivated Nebraska Prairie, the first book in Willa Cather’s Great Plains Trilogy, unfolds along the crags and ridges of rough terrain that is harsh to all those who dwell here. 



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