Inae Piercy, Innovator, Educator and Businesswoman

Inae Piercy recounts some of her childhood memories of growing up in Seoul, South Korea, as being pretty boisterous, girls and boys running up and down the street, shouting to girls and boys to come out and play. “We played hide and seek ‘til moms calling for their children to come back home to sleep.”

Inae also remembers that, after a full day of school, there were additional preparatory classes until 11pm to get ready for the high school entrance exam. This grueling schedule lasted throughout her 9th grade year. Still, every night, her Mom was waiting for her with a homemade dinner. It’s no wonder that

Inae Piercy has had many careers seemingly unrelated to each other.  She has an MS in Computer Software Engineering from San Jose State University and a BS in Nuclear Medicine Technology from Seattle University. Her first career was as a nuclear medicine technologist, then she was a software engineer. Later, Inae founded the Sound View International Baccalaureate School, (Grades K to 8) in Lynnwood Washington to teach children creative and critical thinking, serving as head of school for 16 years.

Inae’s latest venture is helping other immigrants in Snohomish County open their own shops and eateries. Always interested in real estate, she owns several commercial properties, including a shopping center in Edmonds, Washington. While developing her shopping center, she became the owner of a hair salon and is now developing other retail businesses, including ethnic eateries and a bridal shop. Being an immigrant, has given Inae a special talent for spotting and seizing opportunity. “When I see the right opportunity, I jump on it to make it happen,” she says. “Once I am in, I am not afraid to learn about every part of my business.”  --PV


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