The Limits of Presidential Power


In my operational risk seminar this spring, students ranked and then restacked and ranked the top operational risks present in our world.  No one was especially pleased with the results, and the top three risks – cyber-threats, global uncertainty, and terrorism – seemed nearly interchangeable, depending upon the month. As we came to the end of the quarter – particularly with the terrorism acts in Manchester, London, and Tehran -- “global uncertainty” seemed to encapsulate the other two risks, particularly when the elections in France and Great Britain are taken into account along with the performance of the U.S. president on his first diplomatic trip abroad. 

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Yes, Virginia, We Still Have Three Branches of Government

The Government has taken the position that the President’s decisions about immigration policy, particularly when motivated by national security concerns, are unreviewable, even if those actions potentially contravene constitutional rights and protections. The Government indeed asserts that it violates separation of powers for the judiciary to entertain a constitutional challenge to executive actions such as this one.

RESPONSE to: Sikh Man Shot in Hate Crime

Police in Western Washington are searching for the gunman who shot a Sikh man this past Friday. The police and the FBI are investigating the shooting as a hate crime. Here’s the response from the India Association of Western Washington. 

Donald Trump’s Tax Returns Are Already in Public Records

There are weekly news and opinion stories coming out regarding breakthrough revelations or protests concerning Donald Trump’s failure to make public his tax returns. While we all wait for Wikileaks to succeed in their call for a leak, there are actually already a several dozen publicly available records from Trump’s holdings.

Voting: New Hampshire

Even though same-day voter registration is permitted in New Hampshire, one busload of voters pulling into a polling place would create a spectacle that got some eye-popping, jaw-dropping attention. Same-day voter registration for busloads of illegal voters would not happen. It’s that simple.

What is True Activism?

Recognizing the identity of a true activist is important; however, even more important is recognizing what true activism is. Activism that is done crudely, in poor taste, or attracts the wrong audience, is inevitably ineffective and can lead to damaging consequences resulting in more harm than good. True activism is expansive in its range of possibilities but can be very difficult and uncomfortable to perform. This is due to the unnerving...