The Limits of Presidential Power


In my operational risk seminar this spring, students ranked and then restacked and ranked the top operational risks present in our world.  No one was especially pleased with the results, and the top three risks – cyber-threats, global uncertainty, and terrorism – seemed nearly interchangeable, depending upon the month. As we came to the end of the quarter – particularly with the terrorism acts in Manchester, London, and Tehran -- “global uncertainty” seemed to encapsulate the other two risks, particularly when the elections in France and Great Britain are taken into account along with the performance of the U.S. president on his first diplomatic trip abroad. 

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How Russia and China Pursue a Soft Regime Change in America

Both Russia and China are manipulating our democratic election process to benefit their foreign policies. The director of Columbia University's Tow Center for Digital Journalism found that 470 phony Facebook accounts tied to Russia were active during the 2016 campaign. Six of them were shared at least 340 million times. An Institute for Strategic Dialogue report identified a Chinese influence campaign known as Spamouflage. It uses AI and a network of social media accounts to amplify American discontent and division ahead of the U.S. presidential election.

Wake Up

While we are used to hearing that the next election is the most consequential election in history, you can believe it this time because you have only to imagine what consequences will be visited upon those of us who, for example, support the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

Why did the Parties Switch as Conservative & Liberal?

The Democratic and Republican parties have flipped their basic philosophies since being founded. Currently, we strongly associate each with being conservative or liberal. We often assume that conservatives are Republicans and Democrats are liberals. But it was the opposite for approximately the first 80 years of our nation’s founding. 

Civil War – MAGA & the Abolitionists

Republican MAGA movement folks have been predicting another civil war. The federal government’s deep state is trampling upon their freedoms and those of former President Donald Trump. 

Republicans Diminishing the Cruelty of Black Slavery is a Loser’s Play

Florida Governor DeSantis is downplaying Black Slavery by orchestrating a new educational instructions plan, Florida’s State Academic Standards in Social Studies, 2023, prompted by a new law he pushed.