Xanthus Communications Announces New Managing Partner Kaitlin Scarlett Culp

Xanthus Communications LLC has announced Kaitlin Culp as its new Managing Partner. Ms. Culp is the daughter of Patricia Vaccarino, who is the founder of Xanthus Communications and has been its managing partner since 2003. 

In 2019 Ms. Vaccarino decided to take a step back from accepting new clients to focus on writing books, articles and essays.  Her daughter Kaitlin (Katie) Culp was invited to take over the business. Ms. Culp has over a decade of sales and marketing experience, working with large national companies such as Nordstrom and Life Time. She has also worked with franchises and independent startups in beauty, health, wellness and real estate.

“Katie’s experience in a wide range of industries pairs perfectly with her knowledge, skills, drive and passion for marketing, P.R. and communications,” Ms. Vaccarino stated. “Given her experience, innate talent, training, discipline and strong work ethic, she is the best person to take over this company.” 

Over the last two decades Xanthus Communications has had a successful track record of helping a range of clients, from small businesses and startups to corporations and individuals.  Ms. Culp worked very closely with Ms. Vaccarino to learn all facets of the business and immersed herself, evaluating how it could grow in the future. Historically the company has had clients from all over the county, frequently from the New York and Seattle metropolitan areas. Under Ms. Culp’s management the company will also have a greater presence in the Denver, Colorado area. 

Additionally, under Ms. Culp’s management, Xanthus Communications’ focus shifts to helping businesses to recovery during these challenging times. 

Ms. Culp stated, “Many companies have opted for huge changes as we adapt to our new normal. Millions of Americans of all ages have lost their jobs due to the Coronavirus epidemic. Now more than ever, businesses of all sizes and individuals need PR to help them survive and recover. 

With an amazing team of PR professionals, Xanthus Communications will be accepting new clients as well as welcoming back returning clients. Ms. Culp stated, “One thing everyone can benefit from right now is good PR. We guarantee our clients media coverage through our partner PR for People. As an online News Portal, PR for People has the perfect platform for maintaining social distancing guidelines. We are excited to help other companies and individuals get back to their new normal by delivering exceptional PR.”

About Xanthus Communications LLC and PR for People®                                                                

Founded in 2003, Xanthus Communications is a national PR firm offering a full range of traditional public relations services and social media solutions to their clients. PR for People® spun off from Xanthus Communications LLC in 2007 to become its own independent media outlet. Its monthly magazine “The Connector” premiered in 2012. The PR for People news portal launched in 2015, followed by their podcast production in 2018. Xanthus Communications and PR for People work closely together to get the best and most effective media coverage for their clients. 





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