Lynn Berger: Finding the Right Fit for Life and Work

 For more than two decades, Lynn Berger has been helping people find their workplace bliss.

“When I first joined the workforce I was studying business and finance and then I realized I was more interested in what was going on with the people and organization,” she says. So, in graduate school she majored in Organizational Psychology and went to work in Human Resources and Consulting, utilizing the understanding of organizational psychology and how work affects people to make the workplace a better place for people to be productive. However that still did not quite match her dream job, so she changed her emphasis to focus on individuals and getting their relationship to their jobs and careers right.

“I realized I was more interested in working one-on-one with individuals and their work concerns, and helping them look at themselves to help them find a situation that’s going to work for them,” Lynn says, “and also help individuals with strategy to achieve a position that is a good fit.”

People come to Lynn Berger for a variety of reasons. Some come without a clear focus about what it is they want to do. Others are in an environment where some things are not working as well as they would like. They’re not moving ahead. There may be some interpersonal issues.

“I help them step back and look at their skills, things they like to do well,” she says, “their values, their personalities and temperaments, and help them sort that out to find a position that’s going to work for them.

“Then, there’s people doing very well but they just want to get to the next level.” In those cases she works with her client to “sort out what is it they need to focus in on, and what they need to do to get to [what they want].”

Whether it has been in school, work, or their hobbies, Lynn asks them what their most satisfying experiences have been. “If you stay on that long enough,” she says, “you begin to be able to see some sort of pattern and direction. What you’re going to do at the beginning is not necessarily what you’re going to be doing at the end.”


Manny Frishberg

For more than 30 years Manny has been a professional journalist and writer. 

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