Finding Euphoria: What Makes You Happy?

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Finding Euphoria: What Makes You Happy?

American backroads travelers often spend inordinate amounts of time looking for off-the-beaten-path treasures in old-time diners, vintage service stations, kitschy theme parks, and mom-and-pop gift shops. They simply search for what makes them happy.

One such destination for traveling fans is Euphoria, a jewelry, clothing and gift shop in Lincoln, Nebraska. It magically draws you in and dares you not to find one thing that delights and inspires you.

Euphoria, located on Lincoln’s main drag, “O” Street, often becomes a repeat destination for travelers who initially stumble upon it as they drive through or are referred by fellow happiness-seekers. The store is filled with a sensuous, colorful collection of jewels, décor, trinkets, incense, ethnic clothing, fairies, flags and fun.

The store is a boutique of specialty boutiques. The jewelry section, for example, contains not only buckets full of delicious baubles, but also jewelry findings for making your own. You can take jewelry-making classes and even get tattoos and piercings.

For those who live nearby, Euphoria both offers a reliable source of favorites (including fairies and peace-inducing salt lamps) and produces an intriguing supply of new and different. The sheer volume and variety, from oils, angels, pyramids and spheres to crystals, bowls, tie-dyed clothing and books, makes it easy to choose gifts -- even for the person who has everything.

Euphoria grew out of the heart of a true entrepreneur, Deborah Haselhorst. In 1978, Deborah had just graduated from cosmetology school and, while styling at a salon, she decided to purchase Lady Lavender’s Herb Store. A couple of years later, she changed the name to Euphoria to reflect a wider variety of merchandise.

Today, Deborah’s husband Greg and daughter Carissa work with her to manage the unusual business. Creativity oozes from the entire family, and loyal customers often say the people here are one of the main reasons they visit. See many positive reviews on Euphoria’s facebook page.

The holidays attract more clients than usual, which means there are enormous numbers of new products constantly flowing through the doors. The owners handpick each item and add handwritten price tags. It seems a daunting task, but it’s obviously a labor of love and brings a happiness of their own to this family.

What makes YOU happy? You’re likely to find at least a little of your personal bliss at Euphoria.




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