Sweet Fluff: Dreamy Delights Cupcakery

In the world of hip confections, cupcakes are the new Krispy Kremes. Everyone from Beverley Hills pastry chef Candace Nelson, who lays claim to having started it all to TV’s “Two Broke Girls” have seized on the craze. None more delightfully than sisters Inezia Lisunov and Veronika Gusakov, founders of Seattle’s Dreamy Delights Cupcakery.

Both learned their craft of cooking and baking at a young age. Now they are expanding on the recipes and skills passed down from their mother to create artisanal gourmet cupcakes. Living in New York,Veronika was inspired by the cupcake shops there. After visiting and feeling the buzz around them, Inezia shared Veronika’s excitement. The seed that had been planted in  2011 came to fruition in 2012 when Inezia found herself laid off from her job. She joined Veronika and began to experiment with family recipes, and to create new inventions of their own. This led to baking for friends and family, and the girls began to receive requests through word of mouth. So, Dreamy D was formed in January of 2013. 

Dedication is the key to Inezia and Veronika’s current success, a dedication to both the product and clients of Dreamy Delights.

“We know that event planning isn’t easy,”Veronika said, “and it is our satisfaction to know that we can serve our customers and help them make the event even more memorable.”  

“My favorite part about our business is seeing the smiles on our customers’ faces,” said Inezia. “I never thought a cupcake could bring so much happiness and joy to one’s life.

In addition to cupcakes, Innessa and Veronika turn out cake pops, push-up cake pops, and macaroons. Incorporating recipes they have found from France, Italy and Russia, Dreamy D delivers over 30 different flavor combinations.They also take orders for custom confections on a theme

Check out the Dreamy D Facebook and Instagram accounts, where fans display their orders with evident pride.


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