New-Year Sprint Car Racing Resolutions

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New-Year Sprint Car Racing Resolutions

By Kindra Foster [insert her press kit]

The new year for sprint car racers actually begins in March, but preparation for drivers begins – just like everyone else – on January 1. Reflection and recovery from the past racing year is complete, and thoughts turn to winter car repair and mods in warm garages, driver conditioning, season registration, and contemplation of the new year’s lineup.

Race organizations often begin a new year by celebrating the past year’s winners. For Eagle Raceway, east of Lincoln, Nebraska, 2018 begins with a January 6th Sprint Series of Nebraska awards banquet. More than 50 awards will be given in trophy, sprint and special classes.

Craig McCormack and Roger Haden are co-owners of Eagle Raceway, celebrating two decades of new race years in 2018. They’ve built an empire of sorts, where drivers and fans can indulge their love of sprint car speed and strategy.

In fact, the speedway is so respected for the outstanding racing experiences it delivers, national championships are held here, and it has been dubbed “America’s Home Track.” Passionate fans at this small, but mighty raceway enjoy a solid season of racing that grows with a frenzy to national races at season’s end.

For fans, racing passion seems to come not only from pure enjoyment of the dirt-flying speed and suspense of the race itself, but also from the interesting variety of cars and high-energy atmosphere. Fans come back week after week to a fast-moving land of lights, engines, trophies and track food, where annual pass-holders meet favorite drivers in the pits for autographs and selfies.

Eagle Raceway fans come from across the U.S. Its website includes helpful fan information, such as directions to the track, lodging info, and all the dope on this year’s drivers. It’s advisable to read up before attending, because following a favorite is half the fun.


Eagle Raceway’s 2018 schedule includes a full lineup of track-rumbling races, along with family friendly events, such as a bike race and giveaway, Armed Forces Night, fan clubs and Friday night go-cart races. The season ends with August IMCA Sprint Nationals and the Nebraska Cup in September.

New to racing? Never fear – sprint car fans are loyal, passionate and always willing to explain how the races work, as well as sharing driver trivia. Get your silicone earplugs ready and make a resolution to become a 2018 sprint car fan!

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