Liberty Theatre lights up revitalized Camas


The Liberty was constructed in 1927 as the Granada Theatre – a popular art deco icon in the heart of town. But over the succeeding 80-plus years, there were ups and downs in the economy, the name change to Liberty, and a fire that ravaged the building’s interior. By 2011, the theatre had been dark for a couple of years when Thornsley and his partners invested in it.

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From Tampa Florida - Connecting Through Music

By 1999, I had spent almost two decades as a manufacturer’s representative in the lawn & garden and hardware industry. It taught me many aspects of marketing and design in terms of packaging and promotion. It was then that I was going through a divorce from a 29-year marriage, which was the start of an early on-depression. In the following three years, my mom was diagnosed with colon cancer, my dad attempted suicide over the thought of...

Stagey Startups | The Broadway Beat

The Broadway industry is full of startups.  Indeed, each production that opens is its own startup; its own LLC with its own set of investors.  Only recently, however, has this startup industry seen a new generation of startups join in on the fun, as several tech startups have found ways to make inroads on Broadway.  Here are the top three tech startups on Broadway, and what they are doing to shake up the industry.


Summertime Blues | The Broadway Beat

Nineteen productions have opened on Broadway so far this year – a little over three shows per month. Only one production (a revival of Cats) is opening between now and the end of September.  This isn’t an uncommon situation.  Last year only two shows opened between June and September.  The movie industry churns out a blockbuster every weekend over the summer, what is different about the theater?

(a) The Tony Awards – The...

Wali Collins on A Fish Life

Ever look at a fish in an aquarium? They just swim around with not much direction. Jus content being where they are and accepting their surroundings. This is how their world was, is and always will be.

If you have not tried to go for any of your passions, dreams or desires, and believe that this is the best your life is going to be, you are one of those fish in that aquarium. Just moving around the earth aimlessly until you die....

Jeffrey Gurian: Make 'Em Laugh

Before we even start, if you don’t know who Milton Berle or Henny Youngman were, look them up on Wikipedia right now. (Or, better yet, watch this exchange between them on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTM252Zffq0 .)

Now, Jeffrey Gurian has been a fixture on the New York (and national) comedy scene long enough to know every name you can drop, from those guys on...