Someday I’ll Die (Not an Epiphany)

When I was a callow youth, I wrote some very mediocre poetry (some would and did call it doggerel).  Every bit of it was, in some measure, about me and most certainly, all about my perspective, prejudices, sensibilities, experiences.  It was as much about me and as deeply personal as was Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s poetry deeply personal about her own life.   

The other night I was watching Austin City Limits.  The featured artist was Terry Allen, a muti-dimensional artist and his band, the Panhandle Mystery Band.  He is a singer/songwriter/painter/sculptor/carpenter with probably a dozen more talents and skills, to boot.  In discussing his process, he said “When I write a song, it’s not about me or anything else. It’s about the song.”

In his mind, that may be true.  But I have noticed that all creative activity references the creator.  Novels, short stories, documentaries, proceed from the authors subconscious, sensibilities, predilections, perspectives, pre-conceived notions and like that. 

The song that triggered this discussion was “Sailin On Through.”  It’s about life’s obstacles, nothing is gonna last, so just go sailin on through.  I think that this is a great philosophy and one that clearly resonates with me. 

As a species, we solve problems.  Right now, we are faced with global warming.  Not to get too political, but that it’s happening now  Irrespective of the cause(s), it’s a problem that we have to address, and we will.  Whether or not we reverse it or move to Antarctica, we will solve this problem.  Essentially, we will go ‘sailin on through.’ 

Someday I’ll die.  But, until that day, I will continue to go sailin on through. 




David Bresler

David Bresler has spent most of his career in IT marketing and sales helping to develop markets and building, training, managing and mentoring sales teams to exceed goals. He has been successful in large Corporate America, building market share for small established businesses and creating and constructing a businesses from start-up. He has always believed that, in addition to what you know, it’s who you know that makes the difference. Since December of 2009, when he founded Network!Network!, he has taken all of his business and networking experience and put it to use building networks for entrepreneurs, biz dev executives and rainmakers to help them grow their businesses to the next level. 

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