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Patricia Vaccarino writes about the legendary Alicat Bookshop in Yonkers, New York.  

Libraries We Love – The Chappaqua Library

The key to understanding people and the world around us begins with education. One way to learn about the world is by developing a love of books. Each month, we profile a library. Large, small, urban, rural, post-modern, quaint or neo-classic; do you have a library that you love? Tell us about it. This month William Lulow writes about The Chappaqua Library, located in Chappaqua, New York.

The Future of Fuel Cells

From Ohio

The Future of Fuel Cells

By PR for People News Team

The basic concept of a fuel cell is simple — it converts chemical energy into electricity.

To hear Kent State professor Dr. Yanhai Du tell it, the impact of modern and emerging fuel cell technology is anything but basic. Fuel cells have the potential to deliver on the promise of the elusive cold-fusion...

Good Works from The HOPE Program

You might think that someone without a high school diploma, with a history of substance abuse and a prison record would never be able to find employment, but you would be wrong, thanks to an amazing program that works with the most challenging population imaginable – and succeeds.

This is The HOPE Program, based in Brooklyn, New York, staffed with dedicated professionals who mold men and women from the lowest socio-economic...

Up and Down the Dial

DJ and entertainment journalist Eric Holland makes his own musical path

Inspired by his parents’ record collection, and local DJs in and around his native Boston, Eric Holland had a feeling early on that he was going to do something in the music world. As his hometown’s eponymous band so famously sang, it soon became more than a feeling.

“Music turns me on,” Holland explains. “It always has....