Developing a Strong Environment for Entrepreneurial Risk


I’ve worked closely with many startup companies for over 25 years and have observed what factors create a successful climate for startups to succeed.  The creation of a strong environment for startups requires four major components: infrastructure, outstanding educational institutions, the ability to attract a talented and diverse workforce, and access to capital.



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Should I Quit My Job to Become an Entrepreneur?

You may have many different reasons why you want to quit your job: you hate it, you want a change, you’d like to work with friends, you don’t want a boss, you don’t like having a predefined schedule, you think it will give you more balance in your life. But before jumping ship to start your own business, ask yourself these questions:

How do you plan to raise capital? One of the greatest reasons entrepreneurs fail...

Is Being an Entrepreneur Good for Your Health?

Many of us look at entrepreneurs in awe. We think of Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs and say, “Wow, they are amazing people, and I want to be a successful entrepreneur like them!” We imagine gaining independence from a boss, having flexibility, making a lot of money and holding our fate in our own hands.

However, being an entrepreneur is hard work not only in terms of the amount of time one...

New Thinking on Fostering Entrepreneurship

In the 2011 book, “The Coming Jobs War,” Gallup CEO Jim Clifton went against conventional wisdom, arguing that an overemphasis on innovation had created an oversupply of innovation and an undersupply of entrepreneurs who can execute on ideas. This May, the Brookings Institution released a report finding that entrepreneurship in the U.S. has been on a persistent decline, with the proportion of newly created businesses decreasing over the...

Sweet Fluff: Dreamy Delights Cupcakery

In the world of hip confections, cupcakes are the new Krispy Kremes. Everyone from Beverley Hills pastry chef Candace Nelson, who lays claim to having started it all to TV’s “Two Broke Girls” have seized on the craze. None more delightfully than sisters Inezia Lisunov and Veronika Gusakov, founders of Seattle’s Dreamy Delights Cupcakery.

Both learned their craft of cooking and baking at a young...

Key Traits of Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs have a different mindset from people who have jobs. Here are some key traits:

Stubborness. True Entrepreneurs don’t know how to give up.  This attribute is far greater than persistence. It means entrepreneurs have to actually learn how to give up.  They have to learn when to cut their losses and move on. And usually they can’t move on until they’ve indentified their next big idea or business concept...