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The Heart That Will Never Stop

A few summers ago, my daughter Sarah was bound for Denver. Sarah had committed to serve in the AmeriCorps’ City Year program. Before she left, I helped to pack up her car. She had a few meager belongings, mostly clothes and books. She had sold off almost everything else she had owned.  She was off to more than a grand adventure; this journey was meant to jumpstart her career as an educator. Moments before she left, I took a photo of her at Kerry Park, overlooking the city of Seattle. In the photo she is holding her City Year badge and beaming with pride.  She wanted to know if her passion for teaching was a passing fancy or her true heart’s desire. Soon she would find out.

What is True Activism?

Recognizing the identity of a true activist is important; however, even more important is recognizing what true activism is. Activism that is done crudely, in poor taste, or attracts the wrong audience, is inevitably ineffective and can lead to damaging consequences resulting in more harm than good. True activism is expansive in its range of possibilities but can be very difficult and uncomfortable to perform. This is due to the unnerving...