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Income Loss Due to Actions of Civil Authority

Roger Hillman writes about business disruption due to terrorism, peaceful public demonstrations, “Acts of God,” riots, and even ordinary road closures.

Coverage for income loss, also referred to as business interruption, is commonly found in Commercial Property and Business Owners’ policies.  This provides coverage for loss of income as a result of the insured’s suspension of operations.  The most frequent triggering event for such coverage is physical damage to the business premises necessitating a closure for repair, rebuilding, or even relocation. 

       However, a unique aspect of business interruption coverage is income loss due to actions of civil authority.  Such actions include something as minor as a road closure for repairs or as significant as an act of terrorism.  In order to invoke such coverage, the prevention or interruption of access to the insured premises, absent physical damage to the insured premises itself, must be the result of physical loss or damage to property away from the insured property as a result of an insured peril. 

Protect Your Startup

Essential Step to Protect Your Startup By Barry Lewin

It seems that many people these days have ideas related to services for mobile devices. Often, these ideas provide improvements to our ways of life. At times, the ideas utilize abilities of mobile devices, but go well beyond the devices themselves. These concepts can evolve into very significant business opportunities, and these entrepreneurs need to protect...

Pacific ADR Panel of Neutrals Are Super Lawyers!

ADR panel members were elected to the list of 2016 Super Lawyers.

Gregg Bertram | Alternative Dispute Resolution

Gregg Bertram has resolved thousands of cases in 22 years as one of the Pacific Northwest’s most recognized mediators and arbitrators.

Kathy A. Cochran | Medical Malpractice

Kathy Cochran has been an active trial lawyer since 1975,...

Has Brexit Raised Speedbumps on the Business Information Data Highway?

Business in 2016 depends upon a free flow of digital information, and many US entities set up UK businesses for that stream of data between the EU and the UK. Has Brexit raised a large speedbump or pothole in that information highway and, if so, should US entities reconsider the UK as a place to set up shop?


FTC Makes Big Splash in Electronic Medical Records with Practice Fusion Settlement

The opening sentence of the Press Release by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on its proposed settlement with one of the biggest electronic medical record (EMR) providers, Practice Fusion, Inc., was designed to grab the attention of the EMR and healthcare provider sectors in that it plows new ground on transparency for uses of sensitive health information.