From Taiwan and back: Cheryl Wu MD

I am a general pediatrician based in Manhattan, and I also moonlight on the side in various large pediatric ERs.

My story about coming to America is not a straight forward one. I was actually born in the US, returned to Asia when I was young (5 years old), and then came back again when I was 11. So unfortunately, I got the worst of both worlds – I was an anomaly in the ‘80s with my reverse immigration, so got picked on relentlessly by other children (they used to tell me to go back to America). When I returned to the US, even though I was US-born, I had forgotten all of my English, so had to go through the ESL system and start from the ground up. I sometimes joke that I am immigrant, first, and second generation (my mother was raised in the States, and my father immigrated as an adult; they met here).

This unusual circumstance does give me a really good perspective of the world. I never truly feel like I belong anywhere, but it does mean I can accept people's viewpoints from wherever they are, much more easily than a native or an immigrant can. If one doesn't belong anywhere, one belongs everywhere.  –Cheryl Wu MD


Cheryl Wu

Cheryl Wu is a Pediatrician based at 139 Medical PC in Manhattan and Premera Health Care at Young Adult Institute in Brooklyn New York.  Many of her patients are children who recently immigrated to this country and children with disabilities.   


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