Ione LeBlanc: No One’s Journey Like Your Own

Whether she’s pursuing another degree or working in publishing, hospitality or healthcare, Ione LeBlanc visualizes a pattern emerging in her life. She knows any career path she may pursue will always encompass an entrepreneurial factor that will give her great satisfaction and purpose.

Ione was employed in the corporate world but views the environment as having limitations. Since she left the San Francisco Bay Area and headed...

Has Ferguson Sparked a New Civil Rights Movement?

In early December, the website Gawker posted stories and pictures of 77 unarmed people of color killed by police in America since 1999, based on a list compiled by the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. Counting back from the end of the year, Michael Brown of Ferguson, Mo., was Number 6.

Thanks to the widely accepted Department of Justice...

Johanna DeJesus -- Leading Bronxites to Success Through Her Work at SoBRO

As a product of the New York City public school system as well as a former teen mom, Johanna DeJesus understands the importance of social services. The South Bronx native began pursuing her lifelong calling at the age of 14 when she sought part-time employment to escape bullying. Little did she know at the time, but the day she entered her high school’s career services department would lay the foundation for the rest of her professional...

5 tips for doing PR Like a Viking

Before jumping into battle, what’s your strategy? 

Velvet Geek

Beginning in the homeland of fabric—Kashmir, India—painting on velvet has been around . During the 1970’s velvet painting had reached its ultimate high, that is, until now.

There is a man who is bringing this art form back from the days of dated subjects amongst this beautifully textured...

Seattle Reigns as Most Bookish City

Seattle’s long season of dark, rainy days fosters a population that treasures books. A United States Census Bureau survey showed that Seattle had the highest percentage of college and university graduates of any major U.S. city. Seattle was listed as the most literate of the country's sixty-nine largest cities in 2005 and 2006, the second most literate in 2007 and the most literate in 2008 in studies conducted by Central Connecticut State...

Beauty Moves

What we do physically for exercise—as a habit—has a direct bearing on how well we move. If we spend our time doing little or nothing physically, we awkwardly lumber through doors and into desks, furniture, walls and other people. Not all of us are movers, but even the posturing of choosing not to be a mover is a subtle form of communication. By moving intentionally and habitually, we feel the heaviness in ourselves, so we are then free to unleash the Beauty in being human.

California Street-Style: Snapshots from “The Land of Milk & Honey”

From desert sands and sandy beaches, to sprawling metropolises and mountain ranges, Southern California offers a beautiful juxtaposition of varying climates, landscapes and terrains, as well as a libertarian, laid-back yet glamorous culture.

As an international gateway to the United States and the principal hub for the American film industry, Southern California (or So-Cal) has become a notorious melting pot of languages, foods,...