Be an Expert

PR for People is your gateway to building your reputation as an expert. Start by getting a Press Kit Package to manage your reputation online. You will get a press kit to organize your public relations activities. Along with your press kit, you get a press pod, which can be embedded on any website, email platform or social media platform that accepts a widget.  Reporters can click on your press pod and go immediately to your press kit.

We will prompt you to share your news by self-publishing original content on our news portal. There is no greater way to boost credibility than authentic news coverage. We will get you press coverage.

Our Press Clipping Service

This service helps you to monitor your media placement and track your hits across print, online, social media and broadcast outlets. Our Press Clipping Service scans the internet for news clippings about you and alerts you when news can be automatically added to your press kit. As soon as you get an alert, you can add automatically add your new press clippings to your press kit. We will also share your latest news articles on our social media.

If you feel you need extra help increasing awareness of your expert status, we can assist you in creating a more focused brand identity by positioning you as an expert in your chosen field or occupation. An expert is someone who is widely recognized by the public or their peers as a reliable source of knowledge, technique, talent or skill. Experts are granted authority and status by the public, the media and their peers.

PR for People creates greater prestige and brand equity for both you and your core business and can assist you in positioning your special talent or expertise. To increase your stature as an expert, we offer additional PR services that are customized to fit your individual needs. Additional PR services might include writing the content for your press kit, messaging and strategic plans, or conducting aggressive media relations campaigns.

We also offer a Media Switchboard Service that gets you connected to the press.

Additional PR services

We provide additional PR services that are customized to fit your individual needs.  Additional services include writing, media relations, PR coaching and reputation management, and are provided through our partner, the full service PR firm Xanthus Communications.

If you’re interested in positioning yourself as an expert in your field, contact us at